Colour and variety to kick-start the day

Colour and variety to kick-start the day

It can often be hard to eat a healthy breakfast, says trained dietitian and registered nutritionist Nikki Hart in a video about how Kiwis can prioritise fuelling their body when they wake up.

She says she believes that if food is not the first thing on your mind in the morning then that’s okay.

“You don’t have to eat as soon as your feet touch the floor – just aim to eat within two hours of waking up, to kick-start the process of refuelling your body and your brain for the day ahead,” she says.

Breakfast is always worth the effort. There are many ways to combine wholegrain, low fat, protein and fruit or vegetables to make the perfect breakfast.

Why is breakfast important?

  • Research has proven you have a better memory and can concentrate longer when you have breakfast.
  • Children who enjoy a whole breakfast are more alert at school and better behaved, while adults can have better memory and greater concentration.
  • Skipping breakfast can actually lead to weight gain. The foods we reach for later on in the day are more likely to be higher in energy and lower in the important nutrients than the foods we usually eat for breakfast.

The perfect healthy breakfast

The perfect breakfast is different for everyone.

  • If you’re not inspired by the traditional ‘continental’ breakfast of cereal and breads then it is possible to change your perceptions about breakfast by looking around the world for inspiration.
  • The healthiest breakfast you can have will contain some carbohydrate, some protein, a small amount of fat, and plenty of colour.
  • Simple changes, such as choosing wholegrain over more refined options, make a considerable difference.
  • Choosing low fat milk and balancing it with plenty of fruit or fruit yoghurts mean your day is off to a brilliant start.
  • Liquid breakfasts can be a handy alternative when you’re pushed for time, but research shows that liquids don’t keep you as full, and can be missing the all-important colour and whole grains.