Creating an ‘energy gap’ the key

Creating an ‘energy gap’ the key

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Creating an energy gap is the key to preventing weight gain, according to food and nutrition expert Nikki Hart in this video on healthier eating.

The short video shows how small changes in our food or activity can create the all-important energy gap that shifts our body towards burning body fat for energy, rather than storing excess energy as fat.

The video, ‘Energy Balance and the Complexity of Obesity’, explains why some people are getting fatter and offers simple strategies to help prevent weight gain.

Nikki says she wants people to know that preventing weight gain is easier than they think – and it doesn’t mean starvation or excessive exercise.  In her private practice, she regularly helps people face this common challenge.

“There are lots of ways we can create an ‘energy gap’, or deficit. The combined effect of being a little more active and swapping some higher-energy foods for lower-energy options, or choosing smaller portions, make a big impact over time. Because everyone is different, it’s about finding the changes that suit your food preferences and lifestyle.

Citing decades of research, Nikki says a very low energy intake is not the way to manage body weight.  “We need a certain amount of energy to be able to consume the wide variety of foods and fluids our body needs to function optimally.  Creating an energy gap and still meeting our nutritional needs, therefore, needs some change in activity, even if they are very small ones to start with.”