Shopping Smarter with a Shopping List

Shopping Smarter with a Shopping List

Having a supermarket shopping list is good for your budget, can ensure variety, and limits ‘treat’ items, says dietitian and Registered Nutritionist Nikki Hart in this video on healthier eating.

The video, entitled ‘Smarter Shopping’, is full of great tips about where consumers can find the most healthful foods in supermarkets, how to read labels, and how to compare products.

Nikki Hart says shoppers should have a plan. “Don’t arrive at the supermarket without a menu plan for the week. It’s not only good for your budget but it can ensure you balance meals with regards to variety.”

She says learning how to read labels to identify what’s in food is an important skill, and though there’s no one best labelling system, the Health Star Rating and the Heart Foundation Tick programmes are good places to start.

“They will help shoppers compare products as healthier within a category based on them containing less energy, less unhealthy fats, less salt, or less sugar, or more fibre or calcium.”

Nikki Hart says shopping around the perimeter of a supermarket is healthier shopping because it’s where food in its ‘whole form’ is found – including fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, and dairy – which does not have added ingredients such as sugar and salt used for preserving.

‘Smarter Shopping’ is the third in a four-part series by Nikki Hart, who offers practical tips on healthy eating backed up by sound science.