The calorie slide

The calorie slide

We have talked about losing weight with small changes, and outlined in our articles the sizes or portions of food that should be eaten to help you gauge your intake.

But even taking all of that into consideration, creeping weight can happen. Often it results from adding a few calories here and there which we don’t really register – or choose not to. The extra caloric addition is often subtle, but it builds up and compounds. It is different from having a meal where you know you have indulged too much – and then compensate for a couple of days





So, keep a few of these actions in mind because they all add a few extra calories here and there but add up quickly over time:


  • Has the spread on the toast in the morning got a little thicker? Instead of spreading the butter or margarine thinly are you in a hurry and is it just easier to slather it on.
  • And do you normally use sandwich sliced bread and have replaced it with the thicker toast slice? Have you opted for a higher-calorie breakfast muesli and are you still sticking to a trim milk?

Morning snack

  • For the morning snack – did somehow a muffin replace some fruit? And what size was the muffin or scone?
  • Have you bought a regular latte instead of the small size?


  • If lunch is bought, do you really know how much is in those deep-fried spring rolls – as compared with the small vegetable wrap you often buy.
  • If you have made soup at home, how much extra oil might you be putting into cooking the onions as a base? Are you opting for a creamier soup as opposed to a more condensed vegetable one?

Evening meal

  • For an evening pasta meal, have you decided to use a white-based sauce instead of a tomato-based one? And the extra helping that you were going to take to work the next day – did that seem a little tempting to eat after all?
  • Has that baked potato with minimal fat added been replaced by chips or oil baked wedges?


  • If you are deciding to have a dessert, have you given up on the fruit and yoghurt and gone for something heavier such as some custard or ice-cream as a topping?


  • When you bought those bite-sized chocolates – instead of one did you manage to tuck away two or three?
  • What size is the wine glass – are you pouring a larger wine than the standard size which is so much easier to gauge if you use a small wine glass

There are so many ways those extra calories can add up. It’s not a question of being over-vigilant and too restrictive. It is, though, important to remember your good habits and keep to them when you feel you are sliding into not-so-good habits.